Rock-tech provide a full repair and maintenance service for all of the products that we supply, and we will happily repair equipment from other suppliers too. We want to get you back up and running as soon as possible!


We charge an inspection fee of £49.50 (+VAT +return shipping) for each non-warranty repair, this will also cover the first hour's labour if required. If you are a Tech-Care customer the inspection fee is included with your subscription and you only need to pay for any labour required to complete a non warranty repair. Our inspection fee and return shipping charge, for all non-warranty repairs, will still be made should our recommended repair quote be declined.

Repairs Process:

Before we can accept an item for repair we need you to book the item in to the My Repairs section. This will then allocate you a returns number so you can keep track of your repair. 

If you don't have a Rock-Tech Web Account, you will need to register for one.  It's quick, free and comes with a number of great benefits, including an automatic discount in our web shop.

Should you need a replacement product whilst yours is in for repair, please let us know; we have a comprehensive stock of items available for hire.


Log your repair here: My Repairs