At Rock-Tech we love to think of ourselves as a close family, all sharing the same desire to help organisations put on great events.

"The team they have built is one that works the extra mile, with a smile on their face. It is a pleasure to work with them!"

Mark Steele, !Audacious Executive Assistant

Kieran Scotchbrook
  • Kieran Scotchbrook

    Joint Chief Executive Officer

  • Kieran is the Managing Director at Rock-tech AV. With a background in sales, a deep understanding of our product lines, great leadership and management skills, and an all around level head, Kieran is a pleasure and blessing to the entire team here at Rock-tech. Ever the smiler, you will hear his infections laugh from the next room.

  • Rowyn Rawlinson

    Joint Chief Executive Officer

  • Rowyn is one of the Directors at Rock-tech AV. He mostly focuses on the Installation side of the company, coordinating and carrying out complex installations, making relations with new churches and organisations. He is a passionate leader, an excellent installations technician, a very warm character, he is an exceptional part of the team. He consistently makes you feel at ease no matter the scenario. Very level headed and quite the cheerie chap.

Ben Suffolk
  • Ben Suffolk

    Head of Special Projects

  • Ben has many years experience helping local churches to make the most of their budgets, which is why he puts together our installation quotes. He is an absolute computer wizard, and built the whole back end to our business from scratch. A great installation expert from quoting through to actually installing the equipment,  he is a fantastic asset to any project. With a good few years event experience too, he is a well versed technician.

  • Joshua Astwood

    Sales Coordinator

  • Josh covers our sales quoting, and you will often see him out and about on demo's with various other members of the team. You need some gear, Josh knows what that gear is, perfect match.

  • Joe Devonport

    Sales Coordinator

  • Joe is gradually working his way around various roles here at Rock-tech, and has covered areas such as warehouse prep, sales, dispatch, and is now persuing a newly appointed sales coordination role. He is working closely with the sales team, arranging orders and coordinating sales. An enthusiastic member of the team, and a keen lighting technician at his attended church.

  • Richard Blair

    Business Development Executive

  • In the time Richard has been with us, we have booked a significant number of large LED installations and demonstrations. You will often find him with a strong black coffee in one hand and a notepad with numbers and opportunities in the other, or even on site demonstrating the fantastic modern LED or sound system techwe have on offer. Always smiling and enthusiastic, he is like a ball of energy. With his previous work experience in local premium AV stores, he has a keen eye for what looks and sounds great.

Steve Craven
  • Steve Craven

    Training & Aftersales

  • Steve is the guy we send out to carry out on site training with clients and customers. You may also find him on demonstration, dealing with LED Video wall equipment. With a BA in music production and studio recording, his skills transcend into the events technology world. Steve will come out to train you on your latest equipment, including new ranges of mixing desks, vision mixing equipment, LED video wall, etc. If it then becomes apparent you require more gear, he will cover some aftersales orders. Warm, friendly and ever helpful, he will ensure you feel confident in the purchases you might make with us.

  • Ilyas Graham

    Installation Engineer

  • You will find Ilyas on site getting stuck right into the job at hand. He is a hard working and to the point kind of guy, always eager to better himself and expand his knowledge. On one through-the-night installation, he managed to have the energy at 4am to throw 15-20KG drapes up a balcony to a team member. He likes to push himself phyisically and is rather keen on health, fitness and attending the gym. A bright member of the team, a real morale booster. He may have a reserved personality, but he also is keen and interested in people and loves getting deep into topics. Should you catch him at the hotel, you will no doubt find a guitar in his hand and him rocking out, he's quite the musician!

  • James Evans

    Installation Engineer

  • James is one of our installation Engineers. Cracking the whip when necessary with a big smile on his face. He is an accomplished sound engineer and has many years experience in the events industry, which ties in well with tech installations. He is in the process of building a house for his family, if that doesnt define installation skill, then I don't know what does!

  • Cuan Hope

    Installation Engineer

  • Cuan is one of our southern based installations engineers. Working mostly alongside Rowyn, he has an excellent level of technical accuracy, ensuring a neat tidy install. A very warm and kind character, a great asset to the team

  • Ronan Broderick

    Servicing and Repairs

  • Ronan handles all of our repairs and servicing to ensure you are up and running as soon as possible. He can fix things that appear to be beyond hope, highly knowledgable of the whole events technology field. He is also the head of tech at his local church, problem solving week in and week out. Highly experienced, well travelled and great at breaking tech jargon down into understandable words.


  • Phil Adlam

  • Phil has over 25 years of experience in the field of audio and acoustic consultancy, lighting, video, event management and production. He brings his very real passion for quality and high standards to work with him every day. Extremely level headed and a fantastic problem solver from event and product design, to top end sound engineer, production expert, musician, experience in R&D, sound solutions, video solutions, you have to wonder if there is much he hasn't turned his hand to in this field. Now operating as a consultant to Rock-tech AV, we are proud to draw from his wealth of experience in this field.

  • Malcolm Hill

  • Malcolm is a pioneer of the industry. He has accomplished so much in his 50 year career, it is difficult to summarise. The video on Hill's homepage explains many of his accomplishments, from designing and manufacturing the worlds first compact mixing console to providing the sound rig for Live Aid at Wembley Stadium, supporting such acts as Queen, David Bowie, Paul McCartney and many more. Malcolm consults with us on some of our larger event specs and always lends fascinating insight to tech in the industry.

Ben Folarin
  • Ben Folarin

  • Ben Folarin is an expert in sound, working with many churches across London. His live event experience is extensive, working with many high profile international artists.

Ben Hammond
  • Ben Hammond

    Managing Director of Reel Production Group

  • From clubs to stadiums, Ben has toured the world mixing artists including: AFI, At The Drive In, Don Broco, The Veronicas, Deaf Havana, Of Mice & Men, Ugly Kid Joe, You Me At Six, Skid Row, The Veronicas, Lawson, Saxon, and Duff McKagan (Guns N Roses) among many others.
    He's also been hired directly to mix artists such as: Florence & The Machine, Blink 182, 30 Seconds to Mars and Rob Trujjilo (Metallica).
    Alongside mixing audio, Ben also takes the reigns as Production Manager for many of his artists, giving him a great understanding of all aspects of the live events industry.
    - 2017 TPI Awards " Engineer of the Year" Finalist
    - 2013 ProSound Awards
    - 2012 Audio Pro International Awards

  • Luke Bell

    Director of Reel Production Group

  • Production Manager Luke Bell has barely been home in 20 years racking up shows, and air miles with a client list of some of the worlds most high profile artists from Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Florence & The Machine, to The Pretty Reckless and Vinnie Paul. Lukes many years of managing worldwide logistics, budgeting, advancing, and accounting make him an invaluble member of the RPG team.